Circoflo LOWDECK Low Build Up panel (5 panels)

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Product Description

At only 15mm, LowDeck is the perfect choice for projects needing a lower build up without compromising heat output and warm up times. LowDeck is also particularly suited to retro fit projects as it can be installed over existing structural floor deck.

Made from high grade wood, the LowDeck panels provide a strong base for the full range of floor finishes which can applied on top. Furthermore, as LowDeck is a completely dry construction, the floor finish can be immediately installed over the top making the total installation time extremely quick.

The aluminium foil layer helps to distribute the heat evenly and gives the system a high heat output. The foil also replaces the need for separate spreader plates, considerably speeding up the speed of installation. What’s more, the foil also displays the pipe channels to make it easy to see where to fit the pipe.

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