OMNIE TorFloor (1 Panel)

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Product Description

For Batten and Suspended Floors.

TorFloor is the only independently tested structural underfloor heating panel. The multi-directional 22mm panels are laid directly onto the joists, replacing the need for traditional floor decks and making ordering and installation easy. A 6mm ply covering layer is then glued and screwed to the TorFloor panels to complete the floor.

The TorFloor underfloor heating system is manufactured from flooring grade chipboard or plywood and replaces the floor deck used in the construction.

TorFloor underfloor heating panels are provided with pre-installed aluminium diffusers which improves the heat output and energy efficiency compared to other systems.

Price for 1 x OMNIE TorFloor (2400mm x 600mm x 22mm) panel.

Additional Information

Dimensions 240 x 60 x 2.2 cm


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